Maprotec – Growth Partner to Industries for 35 years

Founded in 1985

35 employees

Manufactures CNC machined metal components from cast metals and other demanding metals. Provides comprehensive production services including assembly and measuring services.

Main customer segment consists of engine manufacturers, the marine industry, and the energy sector.

Market area includes Finland, the Nordic countries, Europe, and Asia.

Sister company Mapromec 

Our products are manufactured in our own factory on the Finnish West Coast, with good and swift transport connections to Europe and the rest of the world via land, sea, and air.


Within industrial sectors, the selection of a cooperation partner for product manufacturing often depends on price and the type of machines available. Despite this, there is a difference in who holds the reins, and the machines themselves are not a guarantee of high-quality products. In the end, what the customer pays for is a job done right.

Maprotec is a system supplier with 35 years of experience in the exacting manufacture of metal components for world-leading operators within the metal industry, marine industry, and energy sector. We provide efficient and automated production processes using modern technology. But above all, we have decades of expertise with immeasurable worth – and we claim to be experts in the latter.

Our strength lies in our genuine effort to create the world’s best products for our customers. The will to always exceed expectations – coupled with a thorough knowledge of technology and materials – has characterized our operations since the company’s establishment in 1985. The result is high-precision products that are designed to last in the most demanding conditions.

We are driven by development and the desire to help our customers improve their products and profitability by finding the best and smartest solutions in terms of production methods and materials. Maprotec provides comprehensive services for cost-effective production together with reliable subcontractors – from planning and raw materials to finished product packages, assembled and deliverable.

We manufacture metal components, but it is our company’s knowledge and skills that ensure our customers’ continued cooperation with us year after year. Low employee turnover and an average length of service of 18 years also says something about our expertise. We enjoy each other’s company, which is a contributing factor to our high-quality services and products.