Cooperation and Subcontracting

Maprotec is a system supplier that offers comprehensive solutions in accordance with the customer’s needs and criteria. Thanks to our well-functioning cooperation network, we take charge of product packages from raw materials to the finished product, assembled and deliverable. Our excellent product quality and security of supply stems largely from our close cooperation spanning over decades.

During the company’s 35 years in business, we have developed well-functioning systems and work processes. We coordinate the work with other suppliers on behalf of our customer and ensure that the process progresses efficiently and according to the timetable thanks to smooth project management.

The services that we offer through our cooperation network include various surface treatments, heat treatments, painting, welding, and blasting.

We offer the following surface treatments upon request:

·         anodization

·         yellow passivation

·         zinc treatment

·         heat treatment

·         hardening; case-hardening and induction hardening

·         nitriding and gas nitriding

·         painting