Flexible Production with Robot Cells


Information about Robot Cells

·         5 CNC turners (9-axled)

·         3 robots equipped with 2D and 3D cameras

·         3 ultrasonic washing machines

·         2 laser marking machines

Maprotec continuously develops its production methods via robotization and automation. The integration of robots into production improves productivity, product quality, and the working environment, meaning that we can offer cost-effective manufacturing of products to customers.

We utilize robot cells equipped with 2D and 3D cameras in machining centers mainly in the handling of cast and forged products. All phases are integrated and the cells produce finished parts. Their round-the-clock operation frees up more time for our staff to tackle other assignments, thus making production more efficient.

Our professional staff – combined with the automation of production methods – renders the manufacturing of products flexible and well-adapted to our customers’ pressing timetables and increased demand.