Pre-Assembled Product Packages Save Time and Resources

Maprotec’s services are designed to be as advantageous as possible for the customer by simplifying operations and creating time and labour savings. We have provided assembly services for several years as part of our comprehensive service chain.

Maprotec specializes in the assembly of machined parts and components manufactured from castings, bars, and welded constructions. We deliver finished and pre-assembled modules to our customers around the globe. The industrial sector’s increasingly pressing timetables that impose higher demands on efficiency in all stages of production have ramped up appreciation towards our assembly services because they expedite the assembly process at the final destination.

We do not compromise on the quality of delivery and security of supply. Our qualified assemblers have extensive assembly experience and broad industrial knowledge. Parts are assembled according to established internal processes and the customer’s specifications. Our premises are equipped with washing machines, cryogenic freezers, and presses. Upon request, we will specially package and treat the components with anti-corrosive protection before transport.

We’re proud of our high security of supply and always strive to do as good a job as possible, which is why we rarely receive complaints concerning our deliveries. 

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